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Pierce's10th Grade Honors and 10th Grade IB Prep

FCAT Essay Codes for Corrections
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Codes for corrections on your FCAT writing assignments.

NAG—No, or insufficient, attention getter to open the essay

NCA—No clear answer to the question/prompt

ID—Insufficient detail in the support paragraph(s).  You should be elaborating on your answer, giving a specific example of the point you are trying to explain.  Illustrate your point/case.

GRAM—Grammatical and/or mechanical errors (spelling, penmanship, subject/verb agreement, etc) are too numerous, therefore the quality of the paper has dropped.

IFP—Insufficient first paragraph.  Something in this paragraph is lacking, very likely the attention getter has not built up enough to lead into your direct answer to the prompt.

WT—Weak transition(s)

CSP—The closing of the support paragraph should be a revisit to the answer to the prompt you cited in the opening paragraph.  If you get this message, your closing of the support paragraph is not restating/revisiting this statement.

WCP—Weak Closing Paragraph.  You should transition into this paragraph smoothly and recap, in new words, what you have said, and close with something new and thought-provoking.