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Pierce's10th Grade Honors and 10th Grade IB Prep

Curriculum Paper for English II Honors

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Eng II Honors

English II Honors

Teacher: Robert G. Pierce

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Teacher website is:


Course Descriptions and Objectives

Students will be focused on FCAT benchmarks and Sunshine State Standards.  The majority of the standards will be accomplished through reading and writing in compliance with Duval County’s performance based curriculum.  Reading and writing skills will be incorporated in daily classroom instruction.  The objectives for this course are that students will become more fluent readers, critical and analytical thinkers, adept speakers, active listeners, and proficient writers.  Upon completion of FCAT testing students will begin AP style writing to prepare for their junior year in AP Lang & Comp..



Grade Distribution

The grading scale is: A= 100%-90%; B=89%-80%; C=79%-70%; D=69%-60%; F=59% and below.  Writing: 45%; Tests/Quizzes: 25%; Classwork 15%; Homework 15%. 


Attire and Behavior

The Student Code of Conduct will be enforced.  Respect for all individuals at all times is required.  Students must be seated and working when the tardy bell rings.  A reminder: the TEACHER dismisses the class, not the bell.  Writing on school books and/or desks is vandalism and will be dealt with accordingly.  No food or gum is allowed in the class.  Cell phones or any other electronic devices are NOT allowed in the classroom; cell phones being used or going off in class and calculators being used will be taken and returned at the end of the day or given to Ms. Gates.  Students are required to dress appropriately according to the Student Code of Conduct.  Females should make sure that midriff and upper body areas are not exposed.  Male students should wear pants at the waist.  Hats are not to be worn.  THERE WILL BE NO EATING IN CLASS.  NONE.




Each student is required to bring to class: regular sized white notebook paper, assigned textbook, three differently colored highlighters, a spiral notebook, and blue or black ink pens to class.  All work is to be done in blue or black ink.  I will not accept work done in pencil.  Each student will maintain a writing portfolio and is to never leave the classroom.  These materials will be kept in a file cabinet in the classroom and may be collected by the principal without notice.  This happens.  Students may want to purchase post-its.  Colored markers and/or crayons might come in handy later, as well.





Coming to class is mandatory!  Students must have an official readmit to enter class after being absent.  It is the student’s responsibility to inquire about make-up work or work missed due to absence.  Following Duval County Public School policy, a student has the number of days he is absent to make up the work.  For example, if a student misses three classes, upon returning to class he has three classes to turn in all make up work.  Students should inquire about make up work BEFORE class begins.



Make Up Work

See Attendance and all work is to be completed prior to distribution of progress reports at mid-quarter.  Work missed after progress reports is to be made up prior to quarter exams.

If a student has been absent they are to see me before school, after school, or during my lunch break to get what work was missed.  Tests are to be made up during one of these times upon returning to school.  Any work not made up upon returning from an absence will be scored a zero.  Any class work not done during class when a student is present will be scored a zero. 



Academic Integrity Policy

Students are expected to take pride in their own work.  This means all work is done with honesty and integrity.  All work is to be your OWN work.  The school academic integrity policy will be enforced.



Grade Recovery/Safety Net

I will be available to meet with students before school from 7:40 AM until first period begins.  Let me know in advance you want to meet if at all possible.  Make up work will be done out of class; you will have as many days to make up your work as you were out of class.  No more.  This is your responsibility.  If I do not get your make up work within this time frame you will receive a 0 for all assignments missed.