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Pierce's10th Grade Honors and 10th Grade IB Prep

Turn of the Screw Rubric
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Turn of the Screw Group Presentation Rubric

Each group is going to present two chapters which are going to be many chapters apart.  In order to be able to do this properly everyone is going to have to read their chapters and the ones in between.  Presentations are going to be graded on the following criteria.


Accurate summarization (20 pts.):  Summarize the chapter you are presenting.  Do not just go with spark notes or cliff’s notes.  These could be helpful, but they are frequently wrong, inconclusive, or poor interpretations.  Even if they are accurate, they rarely go into the detail and proof I expect from you.


Characters (25 pts):  You are also going to be expected to identify what characters are present in your chapter.  If there is a new character explain who they are and describe their personality/character.  If the characters in your chapter(s) are already established, explain how they are consistent with how they have been presented thus far or how they have added new depth and dimension to their character.


Passages (20 pts):  Discuss three passages that you find of particular note/interest in your chapter.  These passages may take the form of a significant plot development, a significant character development, or be an intriguing thought or philosophy


Visuals (10 pts):  Bring in something to help visually illustrate some point from your chapter(s).  Please don’t do some bad drawing…there’s no need for that.  A good and symbolic drawing is something else, though; please feel free to do that.  But there are options, like a collage, already existing artwork that speaks to your chapter; a power point presentation to accompany your lesson will fulfill this option nicely, too, as will acting out a scene from the chapter.


Overall Presentation (25 pts):  This is a catch all category.  What I am looking for here is your confidence in what you are presenting, accuracy, being heard, making yourself clear, not stalling or getting lost in what you are saying.  Anything extra you do will help here.